Teeth Bonding Tyler, TX

Dental bonding is a popular cosmetic dental restoration because it’s affordable and versatile. It can treat a variety of different cosmetic and functional dental problems. Teeth bonding uses a biocompatible resin to correct problems like discolored or chipped teeth.teeth bonding treatment in tyler, texas

Teeth Bonding Treatment in Tyler, TX

The bonding process can usually be done in a single visit to our Tyler dentist office. However, as with every cosmetic treatment, we’ll have a cosmetic consultation first. We want to ensure that bonding is the best option to meet your needs. The dentist examines your mouth and checks on your oral health. We’ll also discuss your cosmetic goals and current dental issues.

When we determine bonding is the best solution, we start by roughening up the tooth’s surface so that the bonding material adheres to it better. We can color-match the resin to whatever shade of white you desire or so that it blends in with the rest of your smile. Once it’s the right shade, we mold the malleable material into the right shape to meet your needs. We’ll let you look at it and determine if you’re happy with the placement, making any tweaks if needed.

When you’re completely happy, we use a special light to cure and harden the material. We polish it to ensure that it matches the natural sheen of the rest of your teeth.

The Benefits of Teeth Bonding

One of the reasons why dental bonding is so popular is its versatility. It can treat almost any cosmetic dental concern you can think of. It can repair cracked and broken teeth, fill in gaps between teeth, and alter the appearance of crooked teeth. It’s similar to porcelain veneers, in that it can treat such a wide variety of dental problems — as well as multiple different ones at once.

It’s a treatment that almost anyone is eligible for. Bonding is very non-invasive and only requires a bit of a texture change so that the material adheres better. It’s also completely removable if you choose you no longer want the restoration. Because of this, bonding is a procedure that even children can get because it can be temporary. Whether it’s a primary tooth or permanent one, dental bonding can help.

It’s also one of the most affordable restoration options, making it even easier for patients to be eligible. Even without insurance coverage, many patients can afford dental bonding. Unlike other restorations, it doesn’t require multiple visits to the office or invasive procedures, keeping the costs low. It doesn’t even require the use of a local anesthetic.

Dental bonding is the perfect treatment when you want immediate results. It only takes one visit to our office and you leave with a complete restoration. You don’t have to take multiple trips to the dentist to get the smile of your dreams. There are no delays to being able to eat and drink, either. After the curing light, your restoration should be completely set and you don’t have to worry.

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