Restorative Dentistry Tyler, TX

Rehabilitative dentistry, or the restoration of one’s smile, is the process of recovering a tooth’s shape and restoring to its natural state.

If your smile contains a cavity, severe tooth decay, or a damaged tooth, or if you have experienced a traumatic accident that has affected your teeth, our restorative services are the solution for you.

Restorations take many forms, and luckily our dentist in Tyler has expert-level experience and passion for all of them! Restorative dental treatments are one of the dental services we provide to patients in Tyler, Texas.

One of the most common rehabilitative dental procedures is a root canal. Root canals eliminate the infection in a specific tooth by accessing the interior pulp chamber and removing the cause of any particular infection or inflammation.

After the decontamination of the root, it will be filled and back to its original state. Fillings are also used to repair cavities or cracked and broken teeth.

The resins that create the filling mimic your tooth’s natural look and feel. Fillings can even be used to repair teeth that have been worn down by clenching or grinding. Overall, they are a great, simple option for restoring your smile!

Dental Crowns

Our office offers crowns if you are looking for a more in-depth approach to restoring a cracked or damaged tooth. Crowns will completely cover a broken or worn-down tooth and protect it from further damage. Crowns mimic the look and feel of natural teeth and are most often used as solutions for severe cavities.

Dental Implants & Oral Surgery

If you are experiencing pain, loss of teeth, or general bone loss, one of our implants & oral surgery options will be a great option for you. Dental implants and dentures are great options for teeth replacement.

Our dental care team can work with you to restore missing teeth using dental implants, giving you back a smile that is secure, comfortable, and beautiful. Dental implants can replace a single missing tooth or to secure a cosmetic denture when several teeth are missing.

Wisdom teeth removal is the most common type of oral surgery, and most patients will need to have it done during their teen or young adult years.

Our dentist is trained to be able to tell if a patient’s wisdom teeth will have enough room to enter naturally into the mouth and develop normally. If not, we can remove them and provide our patients with all the necessary tools to recover fully from the surgery.

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