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Dental crowns are one of the best tools a dentist has. Not only do they have many restorative purposes, but they can also treat cosmetic concerns. Crowns are often the last solution to repair extensive decay and damage so that we can preserve natural tooth structure. We offer dental crowns as part of our restorative dentistry crown treatment in tyler, texas

Getting Dental Crowns in Tyler, TX

Each restorative dentistry treatment starts with a consultation. We’ll perform an oral examination and discuss your symptoms, medical history, and what you want from your smile. This ensures that a crown is the best choice for your needs. Most patients are eligible for a dental crown. In rare cases, the tooth may have so much damage or decay that we’ll need to extract it instead of fitting it with a crown.

If you have tooth decay, we must treat that before moving forward. Then, we’ll shape the tooth, removing tooth structure if needed to ensure the crown will fit properly. We take impressions of the prepared tooth to send it to the lab to custom-make your crown. We may fit you with a temporary restoration while your permanent one is being made. The size, shape, and shade are all customized to blend perfectly in your smile.

When the permanent crown is ready, you come back into our office. We place it on your tooth to ensure that it fits properly. If the crown is too loose, debris and bacteria can get caught underneath the crown, causing decay and infection. Once we’re happy with the fit, we’ll permanently cement the crown to your natural tooth structure.

Dental Crown Uses

Dental crowns are popular because they can treat almost any restorative or cosmetic concern. We use them for various conditions in our office.

Cosmetic Improvements

Tooth discoloration is something that everyone experiences. Usually, professional teeth whitening treats this problem. However, not all discoloration responds to traditional methods. You can pick the shade of white you desire when you get a dental crown. It covers the entire tooth so that no discoloration would be visible.

Many patients see misshapen or disfigured teeth as a purely cosmetic problem. Depending on where they are in your mouth, it can impact how you eat or speak. You may not be able to break down certain foods properly. You may speak with a lisp or other impediment because the tongue uses your teeth to make sounds. A dental crown provides a natural-looking tooth that matches the rest of your teeth.

Stabilizing Natural Teeth

One of the main uses of a dental crown is to stabilize a tooth after a root canal. We remove infected dental pulp from the tooth’s center during a root canal and refill it with a biocompatible material. We then seal the tooth off from infection. However, it doesn’t always give you back the full functionality of your tooth. A dental crown provides extra stability, ensuring full function and further sealing off the tooth.

When you get a dental bridge, the dentist uses natural teeth on each end of the span as anchors for the restoration. It’s a lot of stress and pressure, and these anchor teeth are more likely to wear down prematurely or become damaged or decayed. We can use dental crowns on these anchor teeth to provide support. Instead of the natural tooth structure, the dental crown takes on the stress of supporting the bridge.

Treating Tooth Damage and Decay

We practice conservative dentistry in our office. We want to preserve the natural tooth structure as much as possible. The jawbone starts deteriorating when you lose the tooth root and the face sags in that area. A dental crown is often the last defense for natural tooth structure. It can hold together shattered pieces of a tooth or replace portions of the tooth lost due to decay.

When a portion of your tooth breaks off, it can cause many problems. The sensitive inner layers are exposed, making them vulnerable to pain and infection. If sharp edges are exposed, it puts the soft tissues of your mouth in danger. A dental crown covers the hole in the tooth and ensures the tongue doesn’t get cut on sharp edges.

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