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A mouthguard protects your smile if you or your child play contact sports. It’s also a good tool to protect your teeth if you grind them at night. While there are several over-the-counter options for mouthguards, none will fit and protect the way a professional, custom mouthguard will.

We offer custom mouthguards as a general dentistry service at our office. Each one we make is unique to fit the patient’s exact smile and specifications. Our goal is to ensure the safety of your smile.custom mouthguard in tyler, texas

Getting Custom Mouthguards in Tyler, TX

We take impressions of your smile at our dentist’s office to get a custom mouthguard. We send the impressions to a dental lab for them to make your mouthguard fit those specifications. When they’re ready, you return to the office, and we have a fitting. If you need small adjustments, we’ll make them so that it fits you comfortably. The length of time your mouthguard lasts depends on the material and your activities.

The Benefits of Custom Mouthguards Vs. Store-Bought

Custom mouthguards come with many benefits compared to store-bought mouthguards. Though they claim customization, there’s only so much you can do when they make mouthguards to appeal to the largest variety of clientele possible. Boil-and-bite mouthguards — a popular type — offer some customization, but not for a tight, secure fit. They make it hard for you to communicate with your teammates or get a quick water break without taking the mouthguard out.

If your mouthguard doesn’t fit properly, you have to constantly clench your teeth so that it stays in your mouth. This takes your focus that could be on the game and transfers it to cleanching your teeth. You should be able to commit fully to the sport you’re playing without having to worry about your guard. If it’s a nightguard, it may slip around at night, becoming a choking hazard.

Clenching your teeth for long periods of time increases the chances of developing TMJ disorders. It puts stress and tension on the jaw joint, as well as the surrounding tissues that impact how the jaw joint moves. The jaw joint breaks down and you can experience popping and clicking, pain and tension throughout the face and head, and an inability to move your jaw in certain ways.

Custom mouthguards fit your smile perfectly and don’t require you to clench your teeth to keep them in. They stay in naturally, allowing you to freely communicate with your team while playing. You don’t have to worry about them falling out during the game. Since you don’t have to clench your teeth, it also means you won’t have an added risk of TMJ disorders due to the functions you have to do to keep the guard in.

Sports Mouthguards and Teeth-Grinding Guards

There are two different types of mouthguards we primarily offer. Each have unique features and should be used only for their specific tasks. While you may be tempted to use a mouthguard for multiple purposes, you risk damaging your teeth and the guard when you use it for something it isn’t designed for.

Sports mouthguards are made of a light, bulky material that’s designed to absorb shocks when you get hit in the mouth, protecting your teeth. If you try to use it for teeth grinding, your teeth will quickly work their way through this light material. The mouthguard will be unusable for its original purpose, and you still experience the negative effects that occur when you aren’t using a teeth-grinding mouthguard at all.

Teeth-grinding guards are harder plastic that’s formed close to the teeth. It prevents the teeth’s surfaces from grinding together when you grind or clench your teeth at night. If you tried to wear this to protect during sports, it wouldn’t offer much more protection than you’d get without wearing a guard at all.

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