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        Dr. William Jennings



Committed to an exceptional patient experience.

A native Texan, Dr. Jennings is a leading local dentist serving many communities in Central Texas. With over 25 years of experience treating patients of all ages, Dr. Jennings can provide advanced solutions for your oral health needs and dental concerns.

“I strive to educate my patients as a tool for improving their dental health. I want to reduce their anxiety, which is often associated with dental care.

My goal is always clinical excellence in a friendly, patient, and compassionate environment.”

– Dr. Jennings


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        Dr. Bryan Sendelbach


Committed to dental excellence + healthy smiles for everyone.

Dr. Bryan Sendelbach obtained his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from the University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston. He has been living and practicing dentistry in East Texas since 2016.

He is a proud member of the American Dental Association, the Texas Dental Association, and the East Texas Dental Society. 

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Dental Emergency? We Can Help!

Same Day Appointments Available

When you experience a dental emergency, you need help - fast! That's why Tyler Family Dental offers same-day emergency care. 

If you are experiencing trauma to your teeth or gums, contact us today. Our friendly, compassionate team of dental health professionals will do their best to accommodate you. 

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We are beginning a new month, but our offer remains the same! Complete a healthy mouth cleaning & exam to get $100 off ZOOM whitening. You don’t want to miss out on this, so give us a call at 903-759-0765 to learn more!
Our office's fur babies are part of the family, and we love to showcase them when possible. Take a look at all of our office pets. Make sure to give some love to all the fur babies today, as it’s National Pet Day.
It is National Dental Hygiene Week, and what better way to kickstart this fantastic week than calling your hygienist to schedule a cleaning? Give us a call at 903-597-3940.
April is in full swing, which means we are swinging into Spring with a new offer.🌻

From now until June 30th, we are taking $100 Off our ZOOM Whitening Treatment to patients who book and complete a healthy mouth cleaning.

Don’t waste time in taking advantage of this incredible offer. Give us a call at 903-597-3940 or visit our website for more details!
At Tyler Family Dental we have something a little special regarding referrals. When you refer a new patient to us, you will receive a $10 Starbucks Gift Card. What better way to spread the word about your dentist than with a little prize in the end?

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        Tyler Family Dental


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