Reduce Sugar Intake to Protect Teeth

You likely know that dentists caution their patients to limit sugar in their diet. This is because sugar becomes acidic when it reacts to the saliva in your mouth.

This acid can then erode your enamel, the outer layer of your teeth, leaving your smile exposed to many potential dental dangers.

So, to keep your teeth strong and lower your chances of tooth decay and other dental concerns, you should avoid sugar where possible. However, cutting out excess sugar is not always an easy task.

Reduce Sugar Intake to Protect Teeth

How to Consume Less Sugar

You can enhance your diet and promote good oral health when you take premeditated action to limit your sugar intake. Check out advice from your dentist that can help you steer clear of added sugar and protect your smile.

Take Note of Your Eating Habits

If you want to lower the amount of sugar you consume, you should first take note of the sugar levels already in your diet.

You may want to keep a log of the foods you eat and their sugar content so that you have a clear picture of your eating habits. This can also illustrate easy areas where you can cut sugar from your diet.

For instance, many people use table sugar to add sweetness to their coffee or tea. You can stop doing this for an easy way to consume less sugar.

You may also notice the number of sugary foods you regularly eat, like soft drinks or candy. And then you can cut those out of your diet with ease as well.

Adjust Your Recipes

You can exert control over the ingredients in the foods you eat when you prepare meals yourself. Home-cooked meals and baked goods make for great opportunities to lower your sugar intake.

In many cases, you can remove one-third or half of the recommended sugar in a recipe without affecting the taste of a dish.

You can also experiment with flavor alternatives to enhance your meal’s taste without suffering the oral health dangers that can come with sugar.

Vanilla or spices like cinnamon and nutmeg can bring you the delicious flavor you crave without hurting your teeth.

Check Ingredients Before Buying Groceries

For the foods in your home that you do not prepare yourself, check the ingredients on the label before you buy them. Snacks will list the amount of sugar they contain on their packaging. You can easily skip purchasing foods that feature high levels of sugar.

Instead, you can buy snacks that do not contain added sugar. Keep sugar-free options on hand that can still satisfy your sweetness craving, like berries and other fruits.

Calcium-rich foods like dairy products can strengthen your teeth, so consider these snack alternatives to sugary treats too.

Consult with a dentist to learn more about how nutrition can impact your oral health. Schedule a dental appointment in Tyler, TX, today by calling 903.623.8317.